Welcome to the
Kenpo Karambit Association

Mission Statement: The KKA was formulated to provide a new and innovative branch of the Kenpo Karate System. The Kenpo Karambit Association is a collaboration of Angelo Collado and Steve Tarani.  The combination of the Ancient blade and the modern principles and concepts of Kenpo Karate create a new avenue for the Martial Artist to incorporate an edged weapon within their system without re-learning a new blade system.
It is the mission of the KKA to introduce a new weapon called the Karambit and to teach how the Karambit may be implemented within ANY and ALL Martial Arts styles. The KKA is impartial to where you come from, whom you train with or what rank you hold.  As a KKA member we are all students and teachers. The KKA is a non-political group of serious martial art blade enthusiasts. Our goal is to exchange ideas and learn from one another at all times.  We train together and learn from each other regardless of what crest you choose to wear. The KKA is an association meant to share training methods and share life experiences that pertain to the improvement of ones development in the arts. The KKA is open to ALL-open mined martial artist and styles. The KKA’s  goal is to hold training sessions and seminars throughout the world promoting brotherhood between all styles and sharing our new discoveries with the Karambit.

As a member of the KKA you will receive:
An Official KKA membership Certificate.
Subscription to a Quarterly KKA newsletter.
KKA Testing and  advanced training.
Discounts to all KKA merchandise.
Discounts to all training Seminars
Discounts on all training material.
An Official KKA patch

The Annual Individual Membership Fee is $35.00 to become a part of a growing group of serious karambit enthusiasts.

If you are interested in Becoming a
Kenpo Karambit Area Director/Representative for your City, State or Country, please contact
Mr. Angelo Collado at

I would like more information and I would like to visit kenpokarambit.com for further details